Review Carter’s Settlement Claim

If you filed a claim in connection with the previously approved settlement with Carter’s (the “Carter’s Settlement”) before May 21, 2013, you were sent a letter regarding the proposed settlement with PricewaterhouseCoopers (the “Carter’s PwC Settlement), which is in addition to the previously approved $20 million settlement with Carter’s and certain related defendants.

As explained in the letter you received, the information you submitted for the Carter’s Settlement has been automatically entered as a claim in the Carter’s PwC Settlement. The transactions you provided will be used to determine your eligibility for a payment from both the Carter’s Settlement and the Carter’s PwC Settlement.

You can check the status of your claim and the transactions you previously submitted in the Carter’s Settlement by logging in below using your claim number and password as listed on the letter you received.

Claim Number: *
Password: *

If you submitted a claim in connection with the Carter’s Settlement before May 21, 2013, and did not receive a letter with log-in information, please contact the Claims Administrator at (866) 833-7918.

If you submitted a claim in the Carter’s Settlement after May 21, 2013, or if you did not submit a Carter’s Settlement claim at all, then you will need to also submit a Carter’s PwC Claim form in order to be included in the Carter’s PwC Settlement. At this time, it is unknown if Carter’s Settlement claims will be accepted after May 21, 2013.